How I Grew Book Illustrator



I offer authors illustrations for children's books, novels and non-fiction. At this point I would like to tell you how I came up with this idea.

Communication with my Former Teacher

For some time now I have been in email contact with my former teacher, who is a recognized Art Collector and is an art connoisseur. In the past he was also a curator in an art museum. I regularly sent him my pictures to view and asked him for advice on everything to do with art. It's great to have someone who knows what they're doing and who can impart knowledge that you can trust.

After regularly sending him many of my works, he recommended that I create illustrations for books. Many years ago a Czech acquaintance had asked me about book illustrations. However, I didn't dare to do that at the time. After I have gained more security over the years and have more confidence in myself, I now offer authors book illustrations.

Since I am interested in many areas and also have a broad portfolio at the microstock agencies, I offer illustrations for children's books as well as for novels and non-fiction books.

The Own Hand Script

Every artist, including every illustrator, develops a kind of "own hand script", that is, his or her way of painting and drawing. This is what makes his art. On the one hand, I have a penchant for naive painting, as my former, unfortunately deceased, art teacher, Hans Braun, described. It is precisely this handwriting that inspires people with the works of an artist. The bright, positive colors of a picture, an overwhelming mood in the picture, the harmony of colors and shapes and also the emotions that trigger a picture in a viewer. The artist expresses the emotions and feelings that he experiences while painting and drawing.

When is a Picture "Perfect"?

First of all, no picture is perfect. There was a painter who went to the Louvre and finished painting because he didn't think it was perfect. When I have completed a picture and am satisfied with it, it is "perfect" for me. It should be the way it looks, even if there are any mistakes in it. Anyone looking for a bug is sure to find a bug. In my opinion, this is the case with everything. It depends on the respective, hopefully positive, attitude towards life and view of a person. A positive, optimistic person will also find something positive in a picture that is not so successful, since this is his or her way of dealing with everything that he or she encounters in life.


A few words about the dwarf house illustration

The illustration you see in this post was made in Inkscape. I just love such drawings. Inkscape also offers numerous options for enhancing the images. I created the leaves with one of the numerous effects in Inkscape. However, I do not work with Adobe Illustrator because I find it very uncomfortable to use and also reject the subscription system. However, I am happy to provide you with SVG files, PDF, JPG, PNG and TIFF files. PDF and TIFF files in particular can be used well for printing. An SVG file enables you to scale and edit a vector graphic according to your wishes.