The rose - the symbol of love and affection



This morning, very early, between seven and nine o'clock, I drew this rose. I am pleased that it was so successful. On weekends I have a lot of time to paint and draw. It is quiet, nothing bothers, nobody rings, the phone is silent. An ideal time to paint and draw. Sunday is a special day for me, it has always been. As a child, I often went to the Protestant church on Sundays. I love the silence in the room.


Drawing Techniques

I would like to write a few words about the painting technique. A special focus is that different light and dark pencil types are used. This gives depth to the picture. The image contains gradients on the inner edges of the petals. With such drawings, it is important to work with light and shadow. Another technique I used is that I used a paper wiper to wipe the areas. A paper wiper is a pen-like object made of paper that is more suitable than paper handkerchiefs that can also be used for it. A paper wiper gives drawn surfaces a flat and therefore realistic appearance.

I applied the lower area with graphite. I used a latex glove because the graphite is quite stubborn when you have it on your fingers. I love drawing with graphite. This creates great effects. Another way to draw such a pencil drawing is to use highlights. The graphite of the pencil is erased with an eraser. That's how I “drew” the veins of the leaves. The petals have different highlights to make them look more realistic.


My Personal Relationship to this Picture

The rose represents love and affection. It looks classy and appealing. They are often given to women for their wedding or birthday. For me, love and affection are very important feelings. I wish for more charity among people, even if I have learned that unfortunately there are not only good people, but also those who have evil in mind and want to harm others. The rose is said to be an appeal for more love among people, a symbol for the end of disputes and wars in the world.

For me, the rose also stands for aesthetics and beauty, it is very graceful. I like it best among cut flowers. Since this is a pencil drawing, everyone can interpret their own desired color in the picture.


I wish all people and animals a nice Sunday!